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Jiangsu Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

      Jiangsu Tiansheng is the leading research and manufacture based company of botanical extracts and herbal extracts. Surrounded by the spectacular Baohua Mountain in Jiangsu China, a scenic national forest park and Budddhist Holy land, inspires our love for plants and demonstrates our deep reverence for Mother nature and Chinese Mythology. Our corporate headquarters are located in Jiangsu China, with major research and our herbal extract production facilities in Jiangsu and Xinjiang where has  high yield,  large variety, and  wide distribution of sand plants in China. In 2008, Tiansheng set up an herbal extract production facility in Xingjiang with 100,000m2 manufacturing and 100,000 acre herbal medicine plant base which assures prompt delivery of freshly-harvested herbs directly from the fields. 

      Traditional extraction fundamentals integrated with 21st century modern science and technology, Tiansheng has become one of the leading plant extract manufacturing enterprises in China. Throughout the hundreds of process steps from planting to shipping out our products, each and every step is precise controlled and strict inspections. The facilities audited and passed China Government Good manufacturing Practices (GMP) include raw material production line, product packaging, chemical testing, storage and inventory control of finished goods. With all these efforts, Tiansheng has established good brand image and enjoyed public praise in the plant extract industry.

      Jiangsu Tiansheng has a full spectrum of herbal talent which includes 25 PHD and Master degree scientists. More than 65% staff are well trained in herbal industry and become top or middle level knowledgeable herbalists. Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Technology Center is dedicated to scientific research, technical research and product development which Serving our product development team in researching and developing new products and improving upon existing ones. It has performed scientific research and publishing the results in scientific journals so brought a great attention by many research institutions and universities, such as the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University, etc.

      With strong research and development strength, we not only provide the high quality natural plant extracts to pharmaceutical, food, health care and cosmetics industry, but also render the customized development and production service to meet our customer needs. Services include natural plant extract, active constituent monomer and medicine intermediate. For years, Tiansheng has proven records for providing the products and services to our customers timely with high quality.

      The state-of-the-art Quality Control Center has the complete testing equipment used for the overall control of the product quality. The analytical instruments used in our laboratory are highly efficient liquid phase chromatograph, gas chromatography, medium-voltage preparative chromatograph, low-voltage preparative chromatography, ultraviolet-visible complementary filter (UV), infrared spectrophotometer, differential scanning calorimeter, quick moisture tester, microorganism detector, etc.

      Jiangsu Tiansheng has successfully developed many active constituent monomers and content standardized extracts, including Cistanche tubulosa extract, glycyrrhizin extract (e.g. glycyrrhizic acid dipotassium salt, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, glycyrrhizic acid trisodium salt, glycerrhizic acid), puerarin, kurarinone, matrine, fennel oil, EGCG, etc.

      With professional technical strength, advanced testing method, standardized production process and complete quality control system, we keep forging ahead and make innovation continually. We stick to the corporate spirit of “Practical, Enterprising, Pioneering, Innovative”. We expect for your participation, and we are willing to cooperate with the customers both at home and abroad and create a fair, reciprocal, sharing, win-win cooperation environment together.

      We are sincerely looking forward to seize the opportunity for all-round cooperation and common growth with you!

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